a volitile future

A social rebellion has arisen in the United States of America. As the nation teeters on the edge of a civil war, a grassroots band of reformists calling themselves “The Movement” is determined to get an important message to legislators.

Neither Federal authorities nor common citizens are aware of this initiative, but a lone courier robot begins to make its way across the country, raising suspicion and alarm. For The Movement, protection of this message and its messenger are of the utmost priority. 

Unlike the Civil War, there are no clear boundaries or borders which define the sides. Instead, a complicated struggle of religious principals and ideologies has spread across the nation’s diverse communities. Through numerous social media campaigns, neighborhood meetings and church gatherings, the “United Citizens of America”(UC) movement was born. The common belief shared by these newly United Citizens is that the government has overstepped its boundaries and has chosen to ignore the people. The UC believes that what they are fighting for is far greater than political gain


AH-Z1 Courier transport

the messenger

The AH-Z1 or "Ozzy" as his engineers lovingly refer to him, was initially built with a very utilitarian purpose in mind: a heavy loading and courier robot used to pick up and transport large containers across industrial environments. He is only capable of following route directions and requesting authorization to enter different zones.  As Ozzy’s process module is not capable of running complex AI functions, including offensive and defensive capabilities, he needs outside protection to complete his mission.


the eye in the sky

Monitoring the progress of this Messenger will be the job of an ex-military satellite operations specialist simply known as Ghost. Employing a network of top secret satellite defenses formerly referred to as “The Three Sisters,” Ghost will provide surveillance and protection for the Messenger robot as it makes its journey through increasingly hostile environments.



protect the messenger


Because the Fed and DOD now employ drones to patrol various areas of the nation, a network of residential fly zones has been established throughout the country. The courier robot AH-Z1 has clearance to move through these zones without drawing any attention. Of course, the task is not easy as all that. In addition to routine payload inspections from any law enforcement official, there are plenty of scavengers that would love to capture and dismantle Ozzy for the sum of his parts. The copper, lead, zinc and gold used within its innards are worth a fortune.

In-game screenshot

autonomous journey

Ozzy is an autonomous courier vehicle that maneuvers through the terrain on his own. He moves from location to location on a pre-programmed route. He is not equipped with any weapons and must be protected in hostile and hazardous environments. When Ozzy is in harm's way, his warning siren will flash to alert the Eye in the Sky of the impending danger.

In-game screenshot

satellite defense|offense

Monitoring the Messenger from above will be "The Eye in the Sky" which is the code reference for a high-powered surveillance satellite in the Earth's orbit. Ghost will protect Ozzy using a series of defense satellites referred to as "The Three Sisters." These powerful, networked defense satellites contain classified, Cold War era arms which were initially deployed to fend off nuclear attacks.    

In-game screenshot

hostile ai forces

Due to the civil uprising, Federal forces protect the Capitol and are stationed throughout the remaining constitutional commonwealths. Some of the vehicles range from autonomous HUMV's and drones to sophisticated Smart Turrets and tanks that patrol the borders. The Fed has employed the use of these automated forces in order to keep human soldiers withdrawn from the conflict.



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Messenger is currently in development for the PC and will be released in late 2017/early 2018. In the coming months, we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign and recruiting BETA testers.

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I had this idea in 2010 and never knew how relevant its message would be today. I hope it sparks a lot of conversation among its players and hopefully, makes a positive impact in the culture.
— Micah Jackson